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A professional... I wouldn't be surprised. That was outstanding. The animation was unbelievable! Simply outstanding, over and over. This flash had everything! U cant expect much more!

This movie has everything!!

Graphics - 10 - Unreal, smooth and there were a few things ive never seen done before!
Sound - 10 - Matched all actions in the film, songs were of good choice.
Interactivity - 8 - The nav bar was a great feature to let u go anywhere in the flash, so i liked it
Style - 10 - Very original idea of the school teacher being the bad guy, and the homework being the enemy, well done
Violence - 10 - Plenty of fighting so u get 10!
Huomour - 10 - It was quite amusing to watch the entire flash!


As usual, uve outdone yrself Krinkels with another brilliant flash. Sound matches what is happening in the film, the usual mayhem and killing :D, i feel sad though that it might be all over.....:(

Unreal animation!!!

The animation in this is the most superior i have seen in a very long time. It is so smooth and matches the music and storyline well.
Also, as mentioned above, it has a great story to it.
The music in the is was very very very good as well, great choice.
Overall excellent flash!!!

I luv it!

The music went so well with all the scene. My favourite scene would be when mario gets pissed off. U had a good choice of music, however one thing that did irritate me was that u went from the angry mario scene to happy music in peache's hallway, i do believe u shouldve kept the movie serious the entire time, but thats just my opinion, anywho good flash!!

Absolutely brilliant!!

THe animation in this was unreal, if i could vote 20 for this i would, even more. It was so smooth, the sound effects went well with everything. THe storyline is original as well, great thinking.
Overall i wish i could vote higher for this cause this is one of the best flashes ive ever seen, also to anyone who reads this check out FEAR, another great flash by Granfaloon

Ryu & Fighter

Very nice, i im going to be following this serious...as was mentioned above...my votes are Ryu from Ramah and Fighter from Shiva

Hell-Fire responds:

thanks for the votes and review westtig.


for someone who can't make their own flash movie, u sure can talk alot of shit p_master_jiggles

Great graphics

I agree with those two above me, that was turning out to be one of the best animations ive ever seen, especially the scene where he is bent over and all the spikes are in him, that looked really awesome, BUT the ending is wat ruined it, if i were u i wouldve just ended with him being thrown off the board, and just zoom out from the 5 'judges' still smiling, not some bloody stupid sex/disco thing, that was just stupid

Totally Original Masterpiece

I agree with hghf. GDAY80 really has no concept on how original this flash is. Besides my vote is worth 5.02, so good luck trying to blam it GDAY80

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