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Bloody unreal!!

This flash is awesome, so deserved to be at the top of the top50, well done!!

That was pretty poor

Bin Laden didnt "get" anything, he was giving it, and i dont think he deserves even a donkey, just using photos just shows poor animation skill.

Music stuffed up after the animation restarts, now i have the song playing 5 times all at different times during the song.

U know u can do better.

ViceFullbuster responds:

i can but dont want to :P

This was pretty poor

Why was the bloke still going even after he'd been shot in the head??

The animation was poor, there was no sound or interactivity, im sure u could do better


I luv these songs, well done. My favourite would have to be the third, the guitar on that was awesome, anywho the songs were heaps funny and so was the end, lol, well done dude

Absolutely brilliant!!

Great use of sprites. All was in-tune with the sound of the Matrix. The fight scene was very well done, you should be proud. Can't wait for more!


A professional... I wouldn't be surprised. That was outstanding. The animation was unbelievable! Simply outstanding, over and over. This flash had everything! U cant expect much more!


That is greatly drawn.everything was well put together, and it made sense. A great continuation of the series. Good work!

This movie has everything!!

Graphics - 10 - Unreal, smooth and there were a few things ive never seen done before!
Sound - 10 - Matched all actions in the film, songs were of good choice.
Interactivity - 8 - The nav bar was a great feature to let u go anywhere in the flash, so i liked it
Style - 10 - Very original idea of the school teacher being the bad guy, and the homework being the enemy, well done
Violence - 10 - Plenty of fighting so u get 10!
Huomour - 10 - It was quite amusing to watch the entire flash!

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As usual, uve outdone yrself Krinkels with another brilliant flash. Sound matches what is happening in the film, the usual mayhem and killing :D, i feel sad though that it might be all over.....:(

Unreal animation!!!

The animation in this is the most superior i have seen in a very long time. It is so smooth and matches the music and storyline well.
Also, as mentioned above, it has a great story to it.
The music in the is was very very very good as well, great choice.
Overall excellent flash!!!

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